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commercial display work - POP - trade shows - product design - custom cutting

We design and build furniture and displays. We do Point Of Purchase, Trade Show displays and environments out of wood, metal and plastics... we use the technology of CAD-CAM and the internet to communicate with you using rendered drawings. Then we communicate with N/C routers, Lasers, water-jet cutters and yes, humans to execute your orders.

This use of our heads in concert with technology gets your project to you precisely, quickly and keeps your costs down by 1] applying thoughtful design 2] using the appropriate materials, processes and technologies. 3] simple, usually no-tools assembly for you or your customer. 4] ships-flat keeps transport costs down.

We communicate, we design, we manufacture, we deliver...and we bring our no-tools, often no fastener, fold-up, knockdown spirit to every project... and we guarantee innovation.

all pieces © Origami inc. Ask questions.

for intentionalfutures.com the TardisXL wheeled, acoustically insulated, anatomically correct, atmospherically moderated

isolation chamber / voice-over booth / meeting room...



for Plydea.com and Spressa the Spressa Mezzo Aeropress appliance a co-design with D Erickson:


and for Plydea.com the Kitabode -modular building system uses un-cut lumber and ply from your local yard:

and for Nikwax waterproofing:

Top pic: Nikwax' booth for the Munich show 2013. Bottom pic: Outdoor Retailer, summer '11 Nikwax won the BOB [best of booth] award for eco and easy... for their -- well, ecologically sound [made from sustained yield FSC plywood with zero VOC finish] and easy to erect booth. Seems over a day was cut from time to assemble the previous booth.

Origami inc worked closely with Nikwax to get the feel just right. We incorporated the wheeled crate that everything travels to the show in into the display -- now the Nikwaxers don't have to wait for its removal and re-delivery at the end of the show. Can you spot the crate? neither can we... It's in behind providing support and show-storage until take-down.


For plydea.com of Seattle the WineHold
for plydea.com the Blue7Chair
for plydea.com the RinaldoChair
for plydea.com the ArabicaTable
for Plydea.com the FirstDesk
for Plydea.com the TuffetStool
for Plydea.com the WasteNot


we designed and manufactured this 6' tall five-tiered display for NikWax the technical fabric and footware care and waterproofing company. It is one part of a 4 fixture suite addressing the needs of NikWax resellers.

Ships flat - no metal fasteners used whatsoever...the plywood is sustained yield of 6 and 12mm thicknesses. These plywood parts are precision cut by machine and snap together using their inherent resilience. The blue panels are slide-in for in-store messaging.

We created and manufactured fold-up laser-cut metal literature racks [below] that mount to the top shelf and we created pictorial instructions for ease of assembly by NikWax's resellers. Origami inc can do it all for you from initial concept to manufactured product in boxes. Have a look at the instructions ...

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function is form

we designed and manufactured these slat-wall displays according to a concept by Tom Savelle. It is another part of the 4 fixture suite addressing the needs of NikWax resellers.

Ships flat - no metal fasteners used whatsoever...the plywood is sustained yield of 6 mm thickness. These plywood parts are precision cut by machine and snap together using their inherent resilience.

function is form

As part of Nikwax's never-ending search for distintive point of purchase displays for their resellers. We created this slat-wall fixture that ships flat, snaps up in 30 seconds...of sustained yield fsc certified plywood.

Powder-coated, laser cut metal display for garment racks and slat-wall.

function is form

We designed a saw-blade with the depth-of-cut markings etched right on it... Put away your tape measure

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function is form

... to your Corners ...


The Q is cut - laser cut - from thin birch plywood. It folds to ship and snaps together without tools ... Light, sturdy and handsome... perhaps a little innovative as well.

integral laser-cut plysnaps©... see, no-tools

Tough flat Black finish on 3/8" solid birch plywood, Formica® on the work surface and upper deck... a mere 57lbs.



The Feudal System is a home-office system. It's delivered by UPS in a box that you can carry...

Assemble in one minute - no tools... Add options as you need them... Solid birch plywood with laminate work-surface... Secure on-line ordering...


human easily carries box, erects handsome computer station without tools... order and add options as required...


arrives boxed, flat, hinged for one minute assembly without tools of any kind... the work surface and the monitor shelf are the KEEP... to which you can add the rest, all available separately... shipped UPS...



timestable peripherack keyster


The times table, peripherack and keyster is outstanding computer furniture that erects in minutes, no tools... real wood... on-line ordering... As purchased by MIT Media Lab... "a snap to set up"...Wired Magazine Jan'97


human easily carries box, erects handsome computer table without tools in minutes...


machined of elegant black ply and natural maple with plastic laminate top ...unfold and set up in two minutes...

We design build and package the fitting benches and test ramps you may have seen in your quality outdoor store...We engineer them of fine birch plywood and brand them with a lasered logo. A precision metal rubbing bar rotates and locks making possible absolute fit right at the foot - so to speak. The fit bench ships flat and is easily assembled by the retailer, with a wrench...

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Origami's interlockin' system used by Montrail. It's a modular solution for studios and workrooms that slots together, the blue details in the shelf-corners are laser-cut...

function is form

For Strata, Toronto. The Rinaldo Chair [nee Spandrel] This is the collectors edition of ~150 of birch plywood and leather. This chair is being reprised in a ship-flat, snap-together version. Below is the modular StrataSystem also of birch ply...Ask questions.

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